FWW DataHub is your central platform for the exchange of MiFID II related data for investment funds.

Asset managers are able to disseminate information vital to the distribution of their products: target market data, costs & charges and ESG qualities - by simply uploading their data here. FWW DataHub provides instant data validation and feedback as well as traceable documentation.

EMT 3.1 is here! Upload your ESG data today.

FWW DataHub is based on the industry standard data format "European MiFID Template" published by the FinDatEx working group. The current versions are EMT v3.0 and EMT v3.1.

EMT v3.1 includes additional data regarding your products' conformance to SFDR Level 1 ESG regulation. Starting March 10, 2021, you should be using this latest standard. FWW DataHub is accepting uploads for all existing versions (EMT v1.0, EMT v3.0, EMT v3.1). Register now, and we will keep you postet about future updates!

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Follow these guidelines on how to prepare your fund data in accordance with the EMT Version 3.1. You will have your target markets, charges and required ESG properties ready in a simple file format that conforms to the current industry standard.

FWW DataHub uses a simple CSV file format for fund data based on the official EMT definitions:

FWW DataHub "MiFID-II-v3.1-Import-Format:CSV" File Format Description (EMT v3.1) PDF, 141 KB

FWW DataHub "MiFID-II-v3-Import-Format:CSV" File Format Description (EMT v3.0) PDF, 125 KB

For definitions of the contents, please see the FinDatEx EMT documentation:

European MiFID Template (EMT) 3.1 XLSX, 3.3 MB

European MiFID Template (EMT) 3.0 XLSX, 3.2 MB

EMT - Comparison v3.0 vs v1.0XLSX, 3.3 MB
If you have any questions regarding FWW DataHub, please contact us at [email protected].
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